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Get a Taxi – Anywhere. Anytime. E-hail a cab anytime and get an up-to-the-minute ETA. If e-hailing is not available yet in your area, The Ride connects you to a leading local taxi dispatcher – no busy signal.

The Ride partners with local taxi fleets, so you pay only the metered fare and the fee. For payment of the fare, you choose how to pay the driver, be it cash or credit, and coming soon, you’ll be able to pay within the app with your stored credit card. The Ride charges a convenience fee of $2 for e-hailing or $1 for connecting you to live dispatch if e-hailing isn’t in your area yet.



For those who like simplicity, there’s a lot to love about #TAXI. It’s a brand, but it’s also a phone number.
Users don’t need to download it, or ask for it. It’s already there on their mobile phones and always will be.

#TAXI is a pay-per-use service that skips busy signals and connects users to one of the first available cabs among the top-rated cab companies in their area. It’s a shortcut to a safe ride, as fast as possible. It works the same way on all phones, whether it’s the most recent Smartphone, or a five-year-old feature phone. Finally, users don’t pay for it unless they need it. They get to decide. When they do use it, it shows up on their wireless bill.

Millions of people have now used #TAXI. The result? A significant lift in ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) for our Canadian wireless carrier partners, and the recent launch of #TAXI in the US market.
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