Coming to America: #TAXI has Arrived

CellWand Communications and Single Touch Systems Inc. power innovative #TAXI service connecting callers to any cab company, anytime; now available to more than 150 million mobile subscribers.

SAN DIEGO, September 10, 2008 — Relief has arrived for AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless and Alltel subscribers struggling to get a taxi when they really need one. By simply dialing #TAXI® (#-8-2-9-4) on their mobile phone, callers can now get connected to the first available taxicab company serving their local calling area, receive a recommendation for a local cab company or the caller can choose the cab company of their choice in any city or town across the country.

The application was developed and is managed by CellWand Communications, a leading Canadian wireless application developer, and has been deployed with U.S. wireless carriers through Single Touch Systems, Inc (SITO), an innovator in abbreviated dialing code (ADC) programs, i.e. #TAXI.

#TAXI is an award winning application first deployed in Canada that has already generated millions of calls and revenue for Canadian wireless carriers. Recently, #TAXI has been added to major U.S. carrier networks and is now available to the majority of U.S. mobile phone users with anticipation of adding more carriers by the end of 2008.

“Everyone has experienced waiting for a taxi during bad weather or rush hour, and just not knowing the name or number of a taxi service. By utilizing the Single Touch ADC platform, #TAXI solves all of these problems quickly and easily.” said Anthony Macaluso, CEO of Single Touch. “It is so intuitive and straight forward to use – it’s like 911 for a taxicab.”
“We’re excited to be working with Single Touch in deploying #TAXI with U.S. wireless carriers.” said Nick Quain, Co-founder and CEO of CellWand. “They are an award winning, innovative player in the U.S. wireless space and we see #TAXI as just the beginning of a terrific partnership.”

#TAXI utilizes a proprietary taxi database rating system and allows callers to simply state the name of their city or town in order to be connected. The service includes several unique features:

• Recommending the first available taxicab company best able to serve callers
• Allowing the connection to a preferred cab company
• Avoiding busy signals when connecting to a taxicab dispatch
• Finding the first available taxicab company dispatch during the busiest of times

In addition to being a powerful new service for revelers, business travelers and for people on the go, #TAXI has also been used effectively as a tool for women’s safety and a vital service to help prevent drunk driving. #TAXI is a national sponsor of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in both Canada and the U.S. and further supports their prevention message with inclusion in many #TAXI marketing messages.

“We are very pleased #TAXI is helping to make our streets safer,” said said Laura Dean-Mooney, MADD National President. “#TAXI helps the public by providing an easy way to designate a sober driver and prevent drunk driving.”

The application is a pay-per-use service where the per call charge is automatically added to the mobile phone users wireless bill. The service is available with Boost for $1.29/call, Alltel and Verizon Wireless for $1.50/call, and with AT&T Mobility for $1.79/call.

About Single Touch Systems

Single Touch Systems, Inc. (SITO) provides wireless operators, consumer brands, and retailers with innovative mobile commerce delivery solutions. Single Touch enables consumers to engage their mobile phones as proxy wallets or brand/retail environments by simply dialing a short branded phone number, or Abbreviated Dial Code (ADC). Single Touch System’s ADC platform is customizable to the needs of brands and retailers, creates whatever reporting is required, and facilitates operator direct billing for all services. Abbreviated Dial Codes, Mobile Coupon Platform, Listen Live Now, Mobile Idol and other programs make Single Touch Systems the only mobile commerce participant to link wireless with on-line and brick and mortar business, leveraging the paradigm shift in how people use their mobile devices. In doing so, Single Touch Systems drives revenue for operators, retailers and brands and streamlines purchasing options for the end user. For more information please visit
About CellWand Communications Inc.

CellWand is North America’s leading provider of mobile search applications through abbreviated dialing codes. Utilizing location based technology, voice recognition and intelligent databases, these lifestyle applications give mobile phone users an easier way of connecting to businesses and information, while providing wireless carriers with increased Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

CellWand’s first application, #TAXI® (Pound Taxi) is available on virtually every mobile phone in Canada with Bell Mobility, Fido, Rogers, TELUS, Virgin Mobile, Aliant, MTS and SaskTel, and now in the U.S. with AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Alltel and Boost Mobile. CellWand is a privately held company founded in January 2000 with its headquarters in Toronto, Canada and was recently recognized by IDC as one of the 10 Canadian Wireless Companies to Watch in 2008. #TAXI is a proud corporate sponsor of MADD and MADD Canada as part of promoting an easy way to plan ahead and get home safely after drinking. For more information visit CellWand’s website at

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Originally published: 9/10/2008